Police Brutality Essay: How to Write It?

Writing a police brutality essay has never been easy. It’s a topic that really makes people quarrel over the matter. There are those who have suffered from police brutality and those servants of the law, who were wrongfully accused of applying police brutality. Not to mention those policemen, who suffered because they were afraid to defend themselves in order not to be accused of police brutality.

Essay on Police Brutality: What Types of Essay Are There?

When you have a task of writing an essay on police brutality or whatever another topic you may have, there are three types of essay you can use:

  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive
  • Possible Solutions and how to stop the problem

Police Brutality Essay Argumentative: What Sort of Arguments to Use?

Just as it says, in an argumentative essay on police brutality you use the power of arguments. Arguments, reviewing positive and negative sides of anything are the best way to explain anything and to turn most of the people to your side. Well, most, because you will never have all 100% supporting you, no matter what you do.

In a nutshell, you explain the matter, give arguments which are supported by the real-life examples. Your goal is to make everyone want to read your essay, even those who never had encountered the problem of police brutality. Find something that will trigger everybody.

But you must remember to stay neutral in your essay.

Persuasive Essay on Police Brutality: Who Are We Persuading?

As you may have guessed, the police brutality persuasive essay is aimed at persuading people. It may appear a little similar to argumentative, but there is one huge difference – now you don’t have to be neutral, you may agitate to join either side.

You can write that police brutality is a problem that must be dealt with, for example, by restricting the power and service capabilities of the police force. Some people are literally afraid of police officers because something happened to them or their relatives.

Or you can write that the problem of police brutality is overexaggerated and sometimes the police have to apply brutality to deal with different situations. You may give examples, that, where is a fight, there are casualties, yet sometimes they are necessary in order to catch and punish the criminals.

Police Brutality Problem Solution Essay: The Way Out

Every problem has its solution, no matter how hard or difficult it can be to find one. And there are always people who want to find solutions. So writing solutions to police brutality essay would be another way, to depict the problem of police brutality. You can write about possible solutions to police brutality. Writing on how to stop police brutality essay is another type of essay. There are two best ways to deal with police brutality: Prevention or punishment.

It is often said that the role of police is not to punish, but rather to prevent crime. Same goes for police brutality. It may be prevented if there are lots of people with cameras. Because then the bad policeman will be less likely to commit atrocities if he knows that he will be filmed and brought to court, which may result in a prison sentence. When bad policeman doesn’t care that he is being filmed and he still commits brutality, then the video evidence may be used to punish him and thus dissuade other of his kind from doing harm to the innocents.

Everything, which is required, is the social awareness of the people. Social awareness is often the best solution to most of the problems, the way the society reacts to issues and how it tries to deal with it. That includes the problem of police brutality. If there are constant discussions and actions against it, then there will be progress which will result in success eventually.

Police Brutality Essay Outline: How to Plan Everything?

Creating a police brutality essay outline may appear difficult, but relax – it’s not that hard as you may think, once you know what you want to see as a result. Then you will see the way. Let’s review an example of an outline, to make everything clear.

  • Firstly, begin with the general explanation of the matter and how it affects the everyday life of everybody. For example, tell that either the reader or someone close to him may be a witness or even a victim of police brutality.
  • Secondly, show the problem from every perspective, so that your essay didn’t appear one-sided and prejudiced.
  • Last, but not least, you sum up everything written in your essay and make your final verdict.

And that’s pretty much it. Now it’s time for you to write.