Money-back Guarantee

Our writing service values the customers, so we do everything we can to satisfy them fully. That's why we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with our money back guarantee page before making an order. It would help us work comfortably and without any confusions.

The money-back option is hardly ever used by our clients since we can easily complete orders of different intricacy levels. Still, we think that such possibility must be granted at all times. We offer our customers the opportunity to have their paper revised so that each demand is fulfilled.

We want to assure you that your money will be given back if your case matches any listed down below. But, we have to emphasize that there is only a number of scenarios where the whole amount is refunded.

100% refund

  1. The customer placed two identical orders by accident
    Having made two identical orders, all you need to do is get in touch with our customer support department and notify us of this fact. Bear in mind that the faster you do it, the higher the chances that your order has not been assigned to our professional yet, which means that you can get a 100% refund, that is why the order form checking must be done carefully.
  2. A customer cancels their order before the writer is found
    We think you don’t need any detailed explanations here. Every customer has the right to get a full refund before the writer begins working on your paper.
  3. Possible difficulties with finding an available professional for order processing
    We work only with professionals who possess a substantial knowledge of several fields, but even if you are that experienced, it could be hard to cope with a heavy workload .
  4. A bill settled twice
    This can happen only by accident. Having been billed twice for one order, don’t hesitate - tell us about it immediately. In such cases, the receipts are the most crucial condition for receiving your money back.

Partial refund

This type of a refund could be approved if your case is deemed as corresponding to one of those explained down below:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseen circumstances. In such a case there could be a few aspects that influence the refund sum, so every case is talked about with the customer. Sometimes even customer’s actions or non-actions can accidentally result in an overshot deadline. For instance, sometimes the author doesn’t get all the important documents from the customer, considering the fact that they're necessary to process the order properly. We think that in this case, the unavailability of a refund option is understandable. Don’t forget to provide us with all the files in time. It would make certain that your writer produces a premium-quality paper for you without any delays.
  2. We started working on your task, but you wish to cancel it
    Under such circumstances, you'll be able to get around 70% of your spendings back, and the remainder is used to cover the writer's work. However, if over half of time left to the due date passed, you'd receive only 50% of the money back.
  3. Post-submission claim
    Allow us to know all your feedback concerning the final result, and we will try to do everything to take care of any issues. A possible refund would depend on the result of our investigation. We can guarantee that we do our utmost for our clients to be content with the result, so these situations are very rare.
  4. Plagiarism in your work?
    You can notify us about any materials in your paper, which have been used without correct referencing. It would help us refine the originality of our works, and you, in return, will be given a revision option or a partial refund.

No refund

  1. You got a lower mark than wanted
    You can be sure that our professionals do their best to provide our clients with only top-rate papers, but the mark you get in the end consists of not just the written work itself but also of your demonstration and the teacher’s methods of estimation.
  2. Getting "polishing services" (proofreading, editing, formatting)
    We want you to be informed that whenever you ask us to perform formatting, editing or proofreading, we cannot change the content material of your work. Hence, we take zero responsibility for any potential issues regarding the content of your paper.

Money-back process

When you request a refund, and your application is validated, you'll receive your money back not later than 5 working days following the verification itself. Work only with trusted banks and other organizations to get your refund since we do not hold any accountability for any problems with third-party organizations involved in the transaction.

Also, we offer the money-back option for the amount of more than 10 USD since otherwise it barely covers the transaction fees. In case your refund is less than 10 USD, don't worry - we provide our clients with the money-reservation option so that you could spend it on our services when you receive your next assignment.